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Why Voyage Services ?

Any IT company can claim to 'be the best'. Voyage Services shows clients why we're the best, and it starts with our first interaction.

Before we set out to propose plan, or design scalable solutions, we'll meet with you to discuss your current technology architecture and resources, how technology supports business objectives and how business needs might evolve, requiring similar technology flexibility. By listening to clients and making blanket assumptions, we're able to ensure that whatever services we provide will meet each client's unique needs.

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Director’s Message

“ We set out to propose plan or design scalable solutions, we'll meet you to discuss your current technology architecture and resources and show you how technology supports business objectives and increase profit ”

-Ramneek Dhingra

Client Says

  • I am writing this E-Mail on behalf of your Representative Aftab and Technician Avinash.  First and foremost I would like to say that these two men re-instilled in me, that trust and compassion still exists in human beings.  Aftab was instrumental in assisting a very distraught woman {myself} in allowing my computer to be fixed, when I didn’t have the funds upfront to do so.  He was kind and understanding and allowed for something I was truly grateful for.  After my computer was dealt with I was able to go to the bank and arrange my payment of afore-mentioned task.  This gave me great relief.  My computer was worked on by Avinash, whom was gracious, patient, knowledgeable and very concerned about fulfilling my wishes for my computer.  This whole experience was uplifting and I am thankful to the Supervisor for allowing these men to operate in such a caring and competent manner. You have very good people in your employ and thank you for fostering the work environment where they can do so.

    Corinne E. Cox
  • Thank you so very much for the service you provided on my computer yesterday, Sept 10.  The people I spoke with were extremely kind and courteous.  Aftab initially checked out my computer and was very kind.  The technician, Vikrant could not have been nicer.  He worked on the computer and then had me check it out.  This morning he also called to make sure it was running properly.  I think his actions go above and beyond expectations.  I have never had a call back from any service provider.  I am very happy and satisfied with this company and would contact you again if needed.

    Sandy Hevener
  • Services well performance not understanding the communication. No pop-up computer performs well.

    Deidre Smith
  • Just want to say that my computer has been a royal pain for quite some time! Although I used pop-up blocker they never stopped, and I kept receiving messages that my drivers needed updating, but when I went to Microsoft site they said my updates were current.  Today I received a different pop-up for your company that said two viruses had been detected.  Since I have already received soooooo many pop-ups I was afraid that yours was a scam also…but my computer has been getting worse and worse for the past week, so I decided to take a chance and am very happy that I did.  Bala Was my first technician and he linked to my computer and said he would have to get me virus techs whom within the estimated time they told me they had my computer fixed so there are no more pop-ups.  Bala kept up communication throughout the process, to let me know what was happening.  My only concern is that your e-mail confirmation concerning my payment seems to be lost in never-never land. Hopefully you will receive this. Thanks for the help with my computer!

    :-)Diane Martyn
  • Bala was very helpful with the installation of your security system. I believe the problems have been eliminated…I hope so.

    Kris Husted
  • I’d like to express my satisfaction with your technical support service and technical support personnel, Avi. Avi worked many hours to rid my computer of a virus that was impacting my internet service. His technical expertise was impressive, as was his innovative ideas to get around connectivity obstacles, Before reaching your company I tried RiviverSoft and spent 4 frustrating hours on the phone with multiple people, and they never managed to access control of my computer and could not fix the problem.  After a brief conversation, Avi took control of my system, and worked until the problem(s) was completely resolved.   I’d like to commend Avi and your company. Your price was better than RiverSoft and your technical expertise was far superior. My system is working great now! Thank you

    Betty Pitts
  • Thanks for the tech support and putting up with me . Everything was done in a professional way.

    Denver Isaacs
  • I am very pleased with the patient service Vikrant provided to me during the clean up of my computer as I was unable to even access my email.  Everything is operating smoothly now and I am grateful for all he able to accomplish.

  • Once again, I am grateful for the excellent work of Voyage Services technicians.  Ahkil restored my email service quickly and efficiently this morning.  He always does an excellent job with great patience and courtesy.  Thanks to Akhil, I am “back in business”.  Many thanks

    Elaine Amir
  • Everything was great Bala was outstanding

    Philip Ferrante